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ZOHO Consultancy and Services

ZOHO Consultancy and Services

Are you looking for CRM services? Dulux Solutions consultants are providing ZOHO Consultancy Service for many years and are always ready to take new challenges. Our ZOHO professional consultants are completely familiar with ZOHO modules.

A customer journey has multiple touch-points. With the help of ZOHO CRM, the Dulux Solutions’ expert team helps you discover and transform your customer experience through these touch-points. Whether it is nurturing a lead, or reaching out through multiple channels, or servicing the customer and taking feedback through surveys, we have got it all covered.

ZOHO Consultant Services

We are completely familiar with ZOHO CRM, ZOHO Consultant Services and our team has completed plenty of ZOHO projects from the last 5 years. We know how we can manage, connect, and automate your business processes across your organization efficiently and cost-effectively through ZOHO CRM, ZOHO Consultant Services.

Our core experience in Zoho lies in

  • Zohocrm
  • Zoho Invoice
  • Zoho Leads Module
  • Zoho Contact Module
  • Zoho Campaigns
  • ZOHO email marketing services
  • Mobile friendly email templates
  • Integration of leads forms with website
  • Integration of Zoho with third party tools



Zoho Consultant in Dulux Solutions

ZOHO consultant in Dulux Solutions, the certified ZOHO partner, have more than 5 years of ZOHO CRM experience and are always ready to take new challenges and are best in the field if you have any difficulties to implement or run any process through ZOHO CRM you can fill out the following form and one of our ZOHO consultants will contact you on priority.


Implementation - ZOHO CRM

Zoho Development Services

Dulux Solutions team is focused on understanding your customer journey and mapping it to ZOHO. With our experienced CRM consultants, we offer consulting and implementation services to get the best out of ZOHO.


Customization - ZOHO CRM

Customization Services

Every business is not the same, while ZOHO as a platform caters to various verticals that our customization experts help you are customizing the application to suit your business needs. Be it, customizing layouts, fields, reports within ZOHO, or integrating ZOHO with other applications, we have a team who is ready to help.


Zoho Support Services

Zoho Support Services

Dulux Solutions, the ZOHO certified consul, offers ZOHO support services to help clients maximize returns on their ZOHO investment. Dulux Solutions team of ZOHO consultants, administrators, and developers are available to ensure your business runs on ZOHO the way it was meant to be.


Zoho Development Services

Zoho Development Services

With the ZOHO platform, possibilities of developing Applications on top of ZOHO are endless. If you are a ZOHO customer or a partner and want to build a custom app quickly on ZOHO, Dulux Solutions can help you with ZOHO development services.

ZOHO Maintenance and Development Services

How can we help you?

You are already on ZOHO and few things are not set up properly OR some things just don’t work. You may be looking for a general cleanup of your website or you may need help in performing regular tasks. Whatever your needs may be, we are here to help. We can help you by doing anything and everything using ZOHO! Dulux Solutions are master in it, and on top of that, we love ZOHO a lot!

Development Services - Hubspot Consultant
Membership Platform - Hubspot Consultant

Membership Platforms

When your membership site is built right into your ZOHO, it’s easy to market to your entire fan base with the click of a mouse.

Custom HTML / CSS

We do custom HTML and CSS to provide the best user experience and aesthetics for your site. We don’t rely on templates or themes. Whatever you can dream up – we can build!.


WordPress is our primary choice of CMS because it’s easily maintained and updated by your IT staff or your GetUWired development team. This prevents security issues and makes it easy to update your site when the need arises.

Shopping Carts And E-Commerce

Brick-and-mortar stores work hard to give their customers a fabulous shopping experience – because customers stay longer and spend more money that way!

The same goes for your shopping cart. With beautiful graphics, user-friendly search features, and suggested products, you’ll see larger purchases and less cart abandonment.

Shopping Cart Integrations

Join your website to your ZOHO for the ultimate in marketing + shopping + data tracking convenience!

Shopping Cart


Good design is art built on science. Dulux Solutions’s design team creates visual properties based on pictorial strategy and sales psychology. They don’t just look amazing, they’re built to convert.

Responsive Website Design

With user experience in the front of their minds, the Dulux Solutions design team produces powerful websites with all the speed and functionality you need. A 100% responsive design is CRITICAL to your business’ success today when most users search on their smartphones, tablets, and laptops.

Landing Page

You have got a great product and a great ad. But if your landing page does not convert, you have got nothing. Dulux Solutions team designs landing pages that drive your customers to take action with ease.

ZOHO Email Template Design

You have got a great product and a great ad. But if your landing page does not convert, you have got nothing. Dulux Solutions team provides ZOHO email template development that drives your customers to take action with ease.

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