At Dulux Solutions we use the term Virtual Assistant as it is becoming more and more broadly known. That said, we like to think of ourselves more as Online Business Managers. Of course, if you need a virtual assistant we have the expertise to backing your business administratively, undertaking such tasks as:

• Research – Data collection
• General Administration
• CRM systems management
• Email and diary management
• Microsoft Office based tasks

Though, when you involve in the services provided by Dulux Solutions, you get so much more ‘bang for your buck’. When you step away from the day-to-day processes and relief yourself from having to supervise every part of your business, you will have the energy and time to emphasis on business development projects. At the same time as you are working on these development projects, your VA is managing everything else.

A trustworthy team member

Dulux Solutions really care about our client’s businesses. We understand the overall business vision, are motivated by the things to come, flourish on the day-to-day processes and struggle to make the business succeed. We treat your business as if it were our own. In a sense, hiring a good VA is like having a trustworthy partner participated in your business.

Major element to higher profits

Dulux Solutions can be a supplementary workhorse of the business. We can emphasis on the scheduling, establishing, and managing the tools, resources and staff within your business. We can confirm that things are working efficiently; replying queries, dealing with unforeseen problems in a timely manner, and keeping projects on track so that business goals are met. The unified conversion from one project to the next permits you to stay attentive and the business to nurture.

We pass added value

Though Dulux Solutions already are very qualified administrators and business managers through opportunities commenced before becoming freelance, we remain to flourish at the same time as supporting our customers virtually. Through looking after several clients we learn to produce well-organized and operative systems, utilizing the latest software available. This experience gained assists in guaranteeing slick and friction free onboarding and working relationships.

No hidden costs

At Dulux Solutions the fee that you are quoted is all that you will pay. We listen to our clients’ needs and assist them to help them develop and increase their businesses through our modified services. Good communication is very significant when working remotely. We indorse regular catch-up meetings and phone calls to keep in touch, stay on track and discuss new ideas.