What is Virtual Assistant?

Virtual Assistant Services (VA’s) are the persons who work from home to provide support services to other businesses. Due to technology improvement like information sharing, data sharing and document sharing made working remotely a reality. Many entrepreneurs who do not want to bring on staff at their location hire virtual assistants to give them virtual support.

By Hiring VA’s you can build your team by keeping your expenses low. If you want to save rent and upturn the productivity of your business VA services are one of the finest option. It’s not only about to save rent and low expenses. Most importantly it’s about to save the time which is the key to success. By handing over your daily tasks to your VA you have more time to think and make plans for the growth and productivity of your business.

What does a virtual assistant do?

A virtual assistant provides various services to entrepreneurs or businesses from a remote location. From digital marketing tasks, scheduling appointments and managing events to personal errands. You can make a virtual assistant do almost anything.

Why Hire Virtual Assistant?

Virtual assistants are everywhere these days. To increase the productivity of any online business, the business owners would love to hire virtual assistants for the following reasons.

No need of Training Cost

An entrepreneur can likewise spare a great deal with regards to training costs. Normally, organizations need to prepare their in-house team on assignments and duties after they’ve cleared the hiring procedure. This costs time and cash – that most organizations can’t manage. With VAs, however, entrepreneurs can hire experts who as of now specialists in their field. Along these lines, an entrepreneur doesn’t need to waste time and money training them – get started right away.

Low Labor Cost

By hiring Virtual Assistants you can reduce your labor costs such as Taxes, worker’s compensation, Medical/Dental Benefits, sick days, holiday leaves etc. You simply hire them and pay them for their time. For example if they work for 3 hours you do not need to pay them for whole day.

Better Use of Your Employees

State a mid-level or senior-level worker needed to pick between these two alternatives. Assuming a functioning job in leading development techniques or planning routine reports consistently. Option no 1 is additionally intriguing and appears to be increasingly significant. However, that doesn’t mean you can disregard these ordinary assignments like emails and finances. Your business would disintegrate without this exhausting tedious tasks. So how do you keep your in-house team happy but still get the routine tasks done? With virtual assistants. They can take up most of these routine tasks that can be done remotely. In result a full-time employee can stay dedicated on more pressing matters that need to be done in-person at your office.

Skills your business needs

It’s unlikely that you and your staff have every single skill you need to run your business. What if you need web developer, web designer, researcher, bookkeeper or any other skilled resource that you do not have? Again this is where the VA comes. You just find a qualified virtual assistant who has the skill set you’re looking for. A virtual assistant can do administrative tasks, Personal tasks, Content creation, Managing finances, Social media management, Research, Customer services, Email Management and so much other things as well.

Saves time

Another motivation behind why owners go to VAs is that it spares them a LOT of time. We as a whole realize that time is money – particularly in business. For instance, suppose you are an independent company with no HR team. Your employees shouldn’t spend hours posting job advertisements, doing introductory resume screening, organizing an interview process – all on a hiring process for someone at entry-level position. Why not skip all this and get a expert to work on specific tasks instead?


Taking the assistance of virtual assistant to turn out to be progressively gainful and develop your business is never again an irregularity – it’s near turning into a need. Having a go-to individual for basically the entirety of your needs is an extraordinary help to any individual or business. If you are looking to hire virtual assistant Dulux Solutions is the best choice.