PHP is an extensively used open-source server-side scripting language. It is fuelling main websites like WordPress, Facebook and many more. It offers some good explanations as to why developers choose PHP Tools over other server-side scripting languages. Such as Python, Ruby, etc.

PHP reflects very firm language. It has thorough documentation, huge community, ready-to-use scripts, and supported frameworks. Also, the most significant thing about PHP means the easy to start with rather than any other scripting language. PHP language arises with beneficial tools and resources which makes the entire PHP development process informal, effective and speedier.

Here, I am going to present some useful PHP tools which can expressively increase the whole development process


PHPUnit is a comprehensive complete port of the JUNIT. This tool support to test the web application’s constancy and adaptableness. So, it can write test cases within the PHPUnit framework with an easy practice.


Exactly, Webgrind knows as a debugging tool. It offers an Xdebug profiling Web front end in PHP 5. It can install in instants and works on all platforms.


The tool permits to write automatic web application UI tests in any programming language. It appears against any HTTP website which uses any mainstream JavaScript-enabled browser. Therefore, the tool can use in grouping with PHPUnit to produce and run automated tests within the web browser.


PHPDocumentor aka Phpdoc or Phpdocu offers a great documentation tool for the PHP code. It holds several amounts of features such as the capability to produce results in HTML, PDF, CHM and XML DocBook formats. So, it assists both web-based and commands line interfaces along with source code highlighting.


Xdebug offers a popular debugging PHP tool. Specifically, it helps in providing lots of valuable data to speedily recognize the bugs in the source code. The tool can simply plug into practically every popular PHP application like PHPEclipse and PHPDesigner.

Pixy: PHP Security Scanner

Pixy is a Java program that automatically scans PHP 4 source code to identify XSS and SQL injections potentials. The tool takes the PHP program as an input and lists out all the promising vulnerabilities found in the code. It cares along with significant supplementary information to help in the understanding of the vulnerability.


Securimage tool assists as a free and open-source PHP CAPTCHA script. It produces complex, difficult images, and CAPTCHA codes to give extra security to your forms.

PHP/SWF Charts

It means one of the commanding PHP tools which lets you make good-looking web charts. The graphs assist from dynamic data and one can make use of PHP scripts to produce and assemble data from databases. Then, it makes use of this tool can create flash (SWF) charts and graphs.


PHPMathPublisher offers great services as a tool. It can edit mathematical documents on the web by using the PHP script. Though, it needs no extra LaTex programs on server or MathML.


Here comes an open-source tool with the name The Scavenger, a vulnerability finding tool. The tool helps to respond to exposure findings, track vulnerability findings. It also reviews accepted and false-positive answered vulnerability.

PHP Object Generator

PHP Object Generator serves as a great tool. It offers an open-source web-based tool that helps you speedily create PHP objects. Also, it uses OOP (object-oriented programming) principles in the code.

PHP Code Beautifier

The PHP CodeBeautifier tool saves your time to format the code to present it in your way. Exactly, the GUI version permits processing files visually. A command-line version can also participate along with other tools. It can also support an integrated tool of PHPEdit.
All these tools provide perfect support and some serve its tremendously useful services as PHP tools. It can help in profiling, debugging, testing and code-authoring PHP code.

MagickWand for PHP

The tool MagickWand also serves PHP. It means, a PHP module suite to work with the ImageMagick API. You will find it supportive to create, edit and compose bitmap images. So, the tool supports very easy function and speedily incorporate image-editing features in the PHP applications. Know some more? Do let us know in the comment below.