If you’re selling online and running an online store, what eCommerce platform do you select to maximize sales and offer a natural and efficient user experience? Find out why Dulux Solutions recommending Magento development.

Strategizing and dealing with your eCommerce forms is no mean accomplishment if the establishment of your online store isn’t powerful. The present online entrepreneurs are continually searching out better stages to guarantee the most ideal client experience. Taking into account your clients’ needs in a quicker, proficient and gainful way is vital to the success of your store.

This can be a huge test, one that is effectively accomplished by developing your site utilizing the Magento eCommerce platform. As it’s open-source you’re at a preferred position from the beginning, with a huge, quickly developing and skilled network of developers persistently improving the framework and giving a huge number of expansions that will meet any online store’s requirements.

We have wide Magento eCommerce development experience and have used Magento to deliver many onlines stores. However, if you’ve ever desired confirmation as to why Magento is the top eCommerce platform, here are a sample of advantages:

1. Its included all the useful features.

Magneto facilitates advanced search, layered navigation, favorites, product comparisons, wish lists, email list, multi store feature, grouped products and content management system for static pages as well as SEO performance. Features of an e-commerce website are the basics delivering user experience and customer satisfaction and Magento is presently shining.

2. Carting

Magento shopping cart development assist people to follow the step-by-step method for purchasing the wanted product. Furthermore to offer customers multiple options, there are almost fifty payment gateways to integrate with its Magento ecommerce website.

3. A keen SEO edge.

‘Magento SEO’ has resolved numerous problems by facilitating better optimisation of an eCommerce site. Duplicate content, Page traffic, indexing, landing page are all proficiently managed if a website is developed on Magento.

4. Order Management

One of the best valuable facilities Magento offers the owners to take care of orders in a hassle-free way. The admin panel can create, view, edit and fulfill orders, raise invoices, print packing slips, create email notifications and RSS feeds for new orders, and also the creation of re-order. All extremely useful tools when running an online store.

5. Flexible solution.

Regardless of the scope, wants and budget of any business, the flexibility of Magento can be utilized to get the top solution for you. At the same time as ‘Magento Go’ will suit small businesses, ‘Magento Enterprise’ assists medium and large businesses faultlessly.

6. Easy approach to mobile integration.

In our versatile time, Magento Mobile will set up a satisfying brand understanding for consumers who utilize their smartphones and mobile devices to associate whenever and anywhere.

7. Various store management.

Before Magento, dealing with various stores from a single administrative panel was either bulky or badly designed. Be that as it may, presently with Magento, each store can be set up unmistakably with its unique product catalog. Running and dealing with an online business all day, every day has become calm.

8. Extra Extensions.

All Magento versions need one or the other plugins and add-ons to teach each need of business while building up an eCommerce site. Including expansions is effortlessly encouraged as the platform keeps on developing and develop without disturbing the present settings. This likewise helps in presenting convenient changes in the website.