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Mobile app development

Mobile app development Services

Dulux Solutions is a renowned Mobile app development services company that works on the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, websites, eCommerce stores, and internet of things (IoT) applications, especially for use with mobile devices. We have potential in different types of Mobile app development for several client types since we are quite skilled in application development as well as reliable and transparent.

Being a pioneer in Mobile App Development, Dulux Solutions has the potential of providing business Mobile App, iOS App Development, Hybrid App, Native, and Android Apps.

Native Mobile app development Services

Dulux Solutions is a renowned mobile application development company that works on the Android, iOS, and Windows platforms, websites, eCommerce stores, and internet of things (IoT) applications, especially for use with mobile devices. We have developed so many mobile applications on each platform that people love to use. Dulux Solutions has potential in all kinds of Mobile app development for various client types because we are quite expert in application development as well as trustworthy and transparent.


Our Expert Mobile App Development Team

Dulux Solutions may provide a complete concentration on the user-experience because people don’t like complexity. We will guide you to confirm your app makes a current process simpler so that people may use it. If the app doesn’t have much user experience and makes it easier for the customer to do something within seconds, otherwise no one’s using it again. Dulux Solutions’ Mobile App Development team may help you enhance brand engagement with a very fast, intuitive, creative, and interactive app.

Mobile app development

Excellent Features of Mobile App Development

Notification Viewing - Application Development

Notification Viewing

We at Dulux Solutions ensure that your push notifications add value to a customer’s experience, instead of irritating them and damaging your relationship.

Pixel Perfect Design

Pixel Perfect Design

Android app development is a time taking the job for novice developers and may take months for a full-fledged.

High Quality View

High Quality View

Our expert mobile app developers always make sure to develop a high-quality view which is vital for any product or service.

Excellent Performance

Excellent Performance

Hire us for any of your mobile application projects and you will be the victim of our excellent performance after receiving the outstanding results as per your demands.

Creative Design - Mobile app development

Creative Design

The most important benefit of creative design is it attracts people. This is what anyone wants for their company. Our expert developers are creative enough to develop creative designs.

Extreme Security - Application Development

Extreme Security

We at Dulux Solutions can handle all projects, no matter how complex they are. Our security mobile app development services include sustainability and future-proofing. Let’s discuss your security needs!

Dulux Solutions Mobile App Development

Mobile App the most well-known sort of application is a smartphone application utilized on a particular stage or cell phone. These applications may give improved quick execution, high level of dependability, and exploit the most recent innovation like GPS. There are two major mobile OS platforms i.e. Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android Mobile App is written in the code preliminary used for the particular cell phone and its OS to perform faster and more flexible than alternative app types.

Mobile Application Development

Advantages of Mobile App

Following are the most prominent advantages of Mobile App:

  • Mobile App has broad functionalities due to using the capabilities of the underlying device i.e. very easy to tap into wider device functionality
  • Mobile App is very fast and responsive software performance i.e. versatile and very quick, most reliable and most responsive experience to users
  • Mobile App has push notifications i.e. Mobile App may make use of push notifications, alerting users when their attention is required in the app
  • Mobile App has quality assurance through ratings in application stores i.e. distributed in app stores
  • Mobile App has the best performance
Mobile App Development Advantages
  • Mobile App is a UI which better matches with the user experience of the OS and user-friendly for all platforms
  • Mobile App is more interactive, intuitive and runs much smoother in terms of user input and output
  • Mobile App provides developers to access the full features set of their given platform with whatever performance optimizations the Mobile system has
  • For Mobile App, internet connection is not required, although it depends on the functionality
  • Mobile App fully protects your data and provides complete security

Hybrid App Development

Hybrid App is a combination of Native App and a Web app that may run on multiple platforms i.e. Android, iPhone as well as Windows and feel like Native App. Users may install it on their device like a Native app, but in reality, it’s a Web app. A Hybrid App has two major parts i.e. back end code built using languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript as well a native shell and connected to the device hardware which is downloadable and loads the code using Web view. It is a single product that works on many operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows, etc.

If you want to build a cross-channel mobility solution or develop mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows with an objective of faster time to market then getting it developed on Hybrid Mobile Frameworks should be the best for the following reasons:

Hybrid App Development
  • Various hybrid mobile platforms to select from such as Ionic, IBM, Worklite, PhoneGap, and Xamarin
  • Simplify dependability on native iOS, Windows, or Android phone developers.
  • Hybrid apps cost approximately 60-70% of native apps.
  • Speed time to market since the development time is reduced up to 50%

After working with several brands and companies, Dulux Solutions can eliminate the bumps & bruises which come with developing an app. Please contact for more information on mobile app development for the iPad, iPhone, Android tablet, and; Android phone.

Advantages of Hybrid App

Following are the most prominent advantages of Hybrid App:

  • Hybrid- App decreases the cost of development and; you don’t need to hire different programmers
  • Hybrid App has a very low maintenance
  • Hybrid App has a very shorter time to market the target audience very quickly, and it saves time and energy
  • Hybrid App built on web technology HTML, CSS, JavaScript and it is much easier to build
  • Hybrid App is cheaper than a Native App
  • Hybrid App is one app for all platforms using technology like Cordova
  • Hybrid App needs no browser as opposed to a web
  • Hybrid App is faster to develop than Native App because of the single code base
Advantages of Hybrid App

Dulux Solutions Android Apps

Android is the most famous and one of the fastest-growing mobile operating systems with 65-85% user adoption rates throughout the world. Google Play is one of the popular Android Apps markets that generated about six billion U.S. dollars in revenue and is enhancing daily. Dulux Solutions provides top-class Android Apps development services because its Android Apps developers are highly qualified, skilled, and certified. We provide Android Apps solutions according to the customers’ requirements and to increase maximum revenue on investment (ROI). Dulux Solutions has been developing apps for Android since the start of the platform and our android mobile app developers highly trained to take up more challenging tasks. Following is the list of apps, including:

Android Apps
  • m-Commerce apps
  • Location-based apps
  • Social networking apps
  • Enterprise Solution apps
  • Online Event Management System
  • Mobile Staff Scheduling Solution
  • Digital Document Storage Mobile Solution
  • Mobile Payment App with Credit Card Reader Integration
  • Shopping Mall Navigation App for Retailer Industry

Dulux Solutions Android Apps Services

Application Development
  • Android UX and Design to increase user engagement
  • Custom Android Apps Development for small and large enterprises as well as startups
  • Mobile Enablement to achieve BYOD and accesses mainframe systems
  • Android Apps Portability / Testing to deliver perfect Android Apps through a dedicated team of mobile testers
  • Android Apps Widget Development to deliver institutive push notifications, information to the user & enhance engagement
  • Android Apps Consulting to know whether Android is an exact platform for your mobile app
  • Android Apps Support & Maintenance for your Android Apps by the dedicated support team

Advantages Of Android Apps Development

  • UserBase Android Apps ruling the mobile device market with more than 80% of market share
  • Android Apps open-source which saves licensing and app development costs
  • Easy Access to Android Apps Market because App developed gets listed much quicker compared to iOS App Market
Mobile app development
  • Android for Work is enterprise ready
  • Low Investment and High ROI
  • Open Source
  • Easy to Integrate
  • Multiple Sales Channels
  • Easy Adoption

Why Choose Dulux Solutions as a native mobile app development Partner?

For Android Apps Development, Dulux Solutions has highly qualified, trained, and experienced professionals to achieve maximum return on investment (ROI). We have a consistent quality, ISO 9001/27001, and CMMI certified processes as well 100% clean track record in IPR and source code protection. Dulux Solutions has scalable infrastructure support for your current requirements, flexible engagement models, fixed cost, full as well as part-time hiring, and developer by the hour. We provide cost leadership and the best return on investment (ROI) for your IT initiatives. We also provide business mobile app development services and we are specialized in it. So, this is why Dulux Solutions is your best IT partner for sustainable growth.

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