SEO Services performs a main role in the development of your online business. It not only helps search engine robots accurately index your web pages, but it also helps increase user experience.
As a long-term marketing strategy, though, SEO Services can help drive organic traffic and steadily upturn your site’s ranking in SERPs.
If you have witnessed an unexpected drop in your ranking and traffic, then you may be creating some grave SEO errors. Some of them are:

Keyword Stuffing

Casual keyword stuffing is not the name of the game as it was used in the past. Currently, Google punishes you if you try to stuff keywords or over-optimize target keywords. This could badly distress your brand’s reliability.
Using LSI keywords and search terms if one of the best ways to avoid this. This will also help increase readers’ knowledge, which could help improve your rankings.

Broken Links

Broken links are one more cause for a high bounce rate. Not only do broken links on your website effect user understanding, but they also make indexing of the website more problematic for search engines.

Substandard Content

The significance of high-quality can barely be ignored when it comes to search engine optimization. You can certainly advance your SEO by generating content that is free of grammatical and structural errors.

Non-mobile-friendly Website

Google has instructed the use of mobile-friendly websites. So, you may lose out on possible traffic if you still haven’t converted to one. If you don’t want your ROI to be affected, it’s time you made the move!

Website Speed

Slow website speed is one of the major SEO mistakes that results in a great bounce rate. Which means that if your website loading speed is slow, it could distress your site’s performance.


No doubt that SEO is one of the keys to the success of your online business. To drive traffic and increase ranking, it’s better to implement best SEO practices and avoid major SEO errors.