Online sellers functioning their stores on Magento 2 might experience some problems when selecting to customize shipping procedures and set advanced rules for order delivery. By the help of Magento Developer these problems can be solved easily. The default Magento 2 functionality is confined with regards to setting complex guidelines and limitations and creating shipping bearers and techniques at various rates.

High shipping expenses negatively affect client buy choices, so optimizing shipping procedures becomes one of the key concerns for e-commerce store proprietors. Luckily, by installing the appropriate third-party module, you can broaden the out-of-the-box toolset on your Magento 2 site.

The extension allows users to produce extremely tailored shipping policies by configuring an unlimited amount of shipping carters and techniques. It comes with some situations to confine firm shipping choices and build procedures that are in line with business policy. Let’s discuss some of its major features.

Advantages & Features of MageWorx

• Several techniques for calculating shipping costs.

• Opportunity of setting different prices for specific shipping carriers and methods.

• The quantity, cost or weight of products in the order as the basis for the shipping rate.

• Possibility to override the delivery time value specified in the shipping method.

• Support for alphanumeric postal codes.

• Advanced conditions for configuration table rates.

• Advanced validation of postcodes and zip codes.

• Import and export of shipping table rates via CSV.

• The unlimited number of table rates.

• Possibility of applying fixed and percentage surcharges and discounts to shipping costs.

Magento 2 empowers allotting just one lot of table rates per shipping technique. With MageWorx’s Shipping Table Rates, you can upload a list of your shipping rates and relate them to default and custom shipping methods and carriers. The extension permits you to produce specific rates for selected shipping providers. Additionally, the configurations of the module permit users to arrange table rates, conceal shipping choices with no available rates, and show diverse costs depending on the view of the store. Furthermore, the classy shipping choices module Magento 2 can dominate the significance of the projected delivery time stated in a shipping method. You will, consequently, deliver your customers with the detailed date and time of delivery of their order.

As for the calculation choices of delivery rates, it is probable to substitute or modify the default system price with the MageWorx extension. This permits you to overwrite the unique shipping cost, surcharge the designated amount to the original value, or set a shipping discount by subtracting from the rate of the method.

The Magento 2 module also permits altering default prices using fixed or percent amount of surcharge and discount.
Moreover, the Magento 2 table rates module offers users with advanced situations for configuring customized shipping rates. Using the extension settings, you may calculate the thorough shipping cost built on the delivery address by the following parameters:

• The number of products in order or quantity range of items.

• Total weight or weight range of products in an order.

• Order subtotal or cost range of items ordered.

Concerning to the conveyance goal, the module empowers the focusing of a client’s geographic area by determining a postal or zip code in addition to choosing a shipping country and region. The element of the Shipping Table Rates expansion permits storekeepers to use propelled approval dependent on a particular postal code or postcode list, as well as the range of zip codes. Therefore, you can actuate shipping rates relying upon the goal of the request, in this manner staying away from charges for adjusting the conveyance address and giving extraordinary estimating to shipments to specific locations.

It is also significant to note that in relative to numerical postal / zip codes dominant in maximum countries, MageWorx Shipping Table Rates supports alphanumeric postcodes. This sort of code is utilized in countries, for example, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Canada, Ireland, and others. In this way, on the off chance that you convey your items to these locations, the Magento 2 module offers necessary features to set the suitable zip code format.

An additional beneficial feature of the Shipping Table Rates extension is the functionality of import/export. The module offers the capability to readily transfer shipping-related data from other sources, such as from your other website. It permits you to grip and examine all your shipping charges from one place appropriately and edit information manually when needed. You can also import a CSV file with existing table rates and assign it to any shipping method or carrier depending on your business requirements.


MageWorx shipping suite is a robust Magento extension that offers a wide set of tools to adjust Magento 2 shipping integration choices and create custom shipping, approaches, and rates. MageWorx allows dealers to generate custom shipping carriers. By using this module’s advanced shipping conditions, you can prolong your delivery choices and limit detailed shipping options as your business strategy desires. Therefore, you can rationalize Magento shipping extension management in your web store and deliver more suitable delivery and reasonable shipping costs for your customers.