Lead Generation have many strategies one of the best come from social sites like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. Still it is not producing traffic from them or more precisely ‘leads’.
The major misunderstanding about social media sites is that they cannot fascinate high-quality visitors. When linked to outbound marketing social media has a 100 percent higher lead-to-close rate.

What does Lead Generation means?

According to Google, lead generation is:

“The action or process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business’s products or services.”
Consequently, it is not just about marketing your product, but it’s more about collecting data of your customers containing their significances, their pain points, their needs or wants, and what helps to make them spend in your brand.

Before the internet, marketers used to send out direct mail-outs and gave out surveys in print publications to collect information from possible buyers.

But thanks to social media, it has become much easy and suitable for marketers to touch their target customers. As most of their data is presented online, all marketers want to reflect on how to sustain the target audience’s attention and transform them into leads.

Be it Twitter, Instagram, Facebook & Linkedin. All four of them make it possible for you to grasp quality leads. You may also make use of some social media tips that can renovate your marketing strategy. Here’s a guide to help you exploit competent leads from social media for your business.

Social Media Strategies to generate Leads.

Selection of Right Channel

The major thing to do at the beginning is to select the right channel for your business. Once you find the right platforms right from the start, you’ll certainly taste the success. Find out where your target audience likes to hang–the sites where they consume content. Though, it’s easy to adopt that Facebook is the correct choice with over one billion users but this isn’t constantly the case. Whatsoever procedure you put into practice to produce leads can partly depend on the social media site you’re working on. It is not about user percentages, it’s about knowing where the customer is, so you can pick the right channels.

Usage of Customized Hashtags

In order to stick out from your competitors, make use of customized and brand-specific hashtags in the posts. It will allow you to upturn brand responsiveness and produce high-quality leads. Though, you first have to make sure that you use hashtags only when they are needed and relevant. Try not to stuff so many hashtags in your posts just to fill the requirement. Hashtags need to be correct and targeted. Try generating a hashtag for your brand that should be simple yet exclusive. It will inspire your probable customers to find you and your posts speedily. Also, inspire your present customers to use these hashtags for improving your brand’s visibility.

By Running Competitions

There have been two causes why businesses are running contests. First, they’re going to get so many leads that can boost the business Secondly, this could be shared with more people by the contestants of each competition. It inclines to upturn the reach of the post much more. Though it is an overworked way of marketing the brand on social media, it still works. There’s also a damaging side to it. The leads gained through this technique are not always related. So, categorizing the relevant leads is critical through lead promotion.

You can also arrange a brand-related competition or partner with influencers and request them to run contests on your behalf. Influencers will truly benefit you by spreading your reach and engage with the related audience.
There are, still, a few significant deliberations while organizing social media contests.

• Use easy and simple language to write the procedures and instructions.
• Don’t forget to reference the standards for winning the contest.

If you plan to casually select a winner, mention that in the details. This will help avoid any misinterpretation among the contestants of your contest.

By Sharing Quality Content

With the use of social media, you create relationships and network with individuals having a related mindset and grow your business. But how can you convert you relationships into leads?

The easiest rule to follow is to frequently generate curate and post quality content that your target market loves interacting with. Posting frequently at the ideal time of day will inspire your audience to see and interact with your content, drive traffic to your site, and thus produce more leads.

Always make sure that you add value to your target audience and customers by posting well-researched, perceptive content on social media regularly. This practice will surely make it possible for you to produce more social media leads.

By Hosting Live Videos

Live videos are used on social networks like Instagram or Facebook. They made it very easy for marketers to reach their customers and produce leads. It’s generally because videos are exciting to watch, and they can be simply understood by all. Typically, people choose watching a video rather than reading a post through videos, you can simply connect to your target audience and get their attention. If your live video is convincing and enjoyable throughout, the target audience will consider you for a relatively long time. This indicates that it will result in lead generation.

You can apply this feature to communicate the value and emotions of your brand so that your target audience can feel connected to you. And it’s going to give them an opportunity to interact with you through comments.

By Using Targeted Listening

Social media listening is about having a digital eye on the ground to know accurately what is going on in the industry, and who’s talking online about your brand and your competitors. It is an outstanding source of actionable insight, holding potential leads that try to involve with businesses like yours. By using search streams to track keywords and grips in your market, you can explore discussions people have about related products and services, or even certain features. You may then reach out to the people who are involved in such conversations to find a connection, exchange information that’s helpful and form a relationship that will form your brand as an advantage when it becomes ready to buy.